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At National Alliance there are many working parts to our wheel, and we pride ourselves on the collective work of our specialized traders. Our professionals have experienced various economic and market cycles and share their product expertise with clients across the country. Through the years, we have participated in the evolution of the mortgage markets and understand the performance characteristics, various intricacies, and risk factors of related securities during different economic climates. We have worked through periods of rapid growth and declines within the housing sector, experienced asset “booms” and “bubbles” and related credit crises, and navigated economic downturns and eventual recoveries. Through these varied environments, we have sought and found opportunities to expose value in the fixed income markets and have strived to help our clients find the fixed income investments that most fit their needs.

Mark Salter

Partner, Head of Agency CMO Derivative Trading

Mark Salter has over 30 years of Mortgage Securities experience as a trader and managing director at various firms. Currently, Mr. Salter serves as the Head of Agency CMO Derivative Trading, member of National Alliance’s Board of Managers, and as one of the key members of the Senior Management Team. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Salter serves as a board member for Bond Dealers of America- the industry’s middle-market dealer representation.
Tejas Securities: Head of Taxable Fixed Income/CEO
Amherst Securities Group: Director of Fixed Income
Underwood Newhouse: Head of MBS
Greystone Securities: Head of MBS
Westcap Securities: EVP and Director of Trading
Long Beach Savings and Loan: MBS Trader

Education and Certifications
York University: B.A. Economics
NASD Licensing: Series 4, 7, 24, 63, 65, 87