The NatAlliance Securities sales and trading teams facilitate transactions in a wide-array of fixed income and equity products. Our professionals serve the needs of asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices, registered investment advisers, primary/regional broker-dealers and various other fiduciaries. We help our clients to buy, sell, price and place securities ranging from US government and agency debt obligations to corporate securities, taxable and tax-free municipals and equities. We also execute private placements and work with institutions and investors involved in special situations providing distress analysis.  Our skilled personnel often take principal risk and dedicate capital, demonstrating the integrity of our offerings.  With a focus on best execution and client satisfaction, NatAlliance transacts in the following market segments:

Structured Finance

With decades of experience in analyzing, structuring, marketing, and trading the full gamut of these related securities: mortgage collateral, fixed rate collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), other mortgage derivatives like inverse floating rate products and interest-only and principal-only strips, investment whole loan securities, residential mortgage securities (RMBS), asset- backed securities (ABS), collateralized loan obligations (CLO’s) and commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS),  NatAlliance works closely with institutional clients to understand their portfolio goals and strives to optimize their returns.

US Corporate Bonds and High Yield Distressed

The NatAlliance corporate debt team aims to provide clients with liquidity and market pricing in corporate bond issues ranging in credit quality from investment grade to speculative grade.  Additionally with experience in special situations and distressed issues our traders and analysts have the required knowledge and skills to research and identify market values appropriate for each scenario.


In the equity markets we prioritize protecting our clients’ order confidentiality and maintaining their anonymity.  We access natural liquidity and are intent on minimizing market impact by utilizing sophisticated algorithms and trading strategies to achieve cost-effective and discreet execution.  We also provide our clients direct access to our secure commission management portal, which enables them to achieve maximum value from their commission dollars.  By trading with NatAlliance, our clients have the ability to pay for third-party research, as well as satisfy Commission Sharing Arrangements (CSAs) and Client Commission Arrangements (CCAs).

International Bonds

Within the classification of ‘international’ NatAlliance trades Emerging Market, International, and Global debt from issuers ranging from multinational corporations to foreign government entities.  Our international market team also specializes in trading distressed issues.

Municipal Bonds/Municipal Finance

Our dedicated municipal and tax exempt professionals help NatAlliance clients in the public service sector navigate regulations and identify efficient investment alternatives.

NatAlliance Trading Personnel:

At NatAlliance there are many working parts to our wheel, and we pride ourselves on the collective work of our specialized traders. Our professionals have experienced various economic and market cycles and share their product understanding with clients across the country. Through the years, they have participated in the evolution of various markets and understand the performance characteristics, various intricacies, and risk factors of related securities during different economic climates. Our professionals have worked through periods of rapid growth and decline within the housing sector, experienced asset “booms” and “bubbles” and related credit crises, and navigated economic downturns and eventual recoveries. Through these varied environments, they have sought and found opportunities to expose value and strived to help their clients find the best investments tailored to their needs.

Agency Mortgage Securities: Mike Giordano & Jack Beck, (512) 609-1700
CMBS, Consumer ABS, Retail RMBS: Jeffery Bohnsack, (512) 609-1700
Non-Agency RMBS: Jason Adams & Brian Leistman (212) 379-1000
Municipals: Brad Taylor & Chris Leung (512) 609-1700
Corporate Bonds, CDs, and Preferreds
Agency CMBS: Barry Polen (212) 379-1075
International Fixed Income: Andy Brenner, (212) 379-1000
CMO/ABS: John Liepman, (512) 609-1700
Special Situations & Distressed: Michael Conner & Rob Halder, (512) 609-1700
Equities: Michael Enriquez & Russ Greenspan, (512) 609-1700

Through the strength of our relationships NatAlliance has access to an array of investment assets, professionals and ideas which only a handful of trading platforms have the ability to offer.  Our goal is to share our unique position within the fixed income world with every account, regardless of size, providing the efficient execution and liquidity required to aide growth and increase the volume of investment opportunities.