Your Privacy Is Our Policy

National Alliance Securities, LLC (NAS) is committed to maintaining your personal information in a highly confidential manner.  This page describes our Privacy Policy as it applies to how we collect, maintain and protect private, non-public information when you open an account with NAS.  Please know that this policy applies to all former, current and new customers.

Why Do We Collect Personal Information

When you apply for and/or open an account with NAS, we collect personal information about you for various purposes.  Certain regulatory requirements mandate that information be collected by us so that we may make proper evaluations with respect to your financial needs.  Furthermore, the Patriot Act requires that we collect specific information in an effort to fight money-laundering.  For more information regarding the Customer Identification Program and the information that we collect, please click here.

How Do We Protect Your Information

When you open an account with NAS, your cash and securities will be held with Hilltop Securities, Inc (Hilltop).  Please know that the information obtained by NAS will be maintained in the strictest confidence. Electronic information will be stored in secure databases which are exclusive to certain NAS and Hilltop personnel and inaccessible to outside parties.  The persons with access to your information will be limited to personnel dedicated to servicing your account.  To learn about the Privacy Policy of Hilltop, please click here.

Our Sharing Practices

NAS has never and will not provide your personal and sensitive information to affiliates, subsidiaries and/or non-affiliated third parties unless required by law.  We do not wish to reserve the right to disclose, nonpublic personal information to affiliates or nonaffiliated third parties, except to nonaffiliated parties as authorized by law.  Essentially, this means that NAS will treat your private (nonpublic information) in a confidential manner and will not be shared with anyone.  “Required by law” may include regulatory investigations which mandate that we provide specific information to investigators for purposes of cooperating with their investigation.

Is Your Information Accurate (For existing customers)?

When you opened your account with NAS, you received a copy of your new account application which contains the information you provided to us.  In order to ensure that our customer files are complete and accurate, we invite you to provide us with any updates and/or additions to your personal information.


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